Thursday, December 19, 2013

Love is easy, relationships are hard..

Eighteen years ago, this week, I met the most beautiful woman in the world. I had taken an unplanned trip to Mexico with my stepfather and stepbrothers. My oldest stepbrother had dated her cousin and took me along when he went to visit. When she stepped out of the door the first thing I noticed was her amazing smile. She was cleaning so she wasn't wearing any makeup and she was wearing shorts with unlaced boots and had a broom in her hand and as soon as I laid eyes on her I was in love.

 We hung out for about a week and a half before we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our life together, because up to that point all we had experienced was the overwhelming emotion known as LOVE. At that point she didn't know that I was an immature and stubborn man and I didn't know that she was a controlling and headstrong woman. We were in for a BIG shock.

 The first two months of living together was fight-makeup, fight-makeup, fight-makeup and we never actually talked we mostly yelled at one another, but we still loved each other and that is what made us work on the relationship. The feelings we had for one another came naturally so it required no work at all, but this relationship business was really tough. I couldn't figure out how to get her to understand that it took me 15 minutes to drive home and that if I was 5 minutes late I wasn't having an affair and she couldn't figure out how to get me to understand that I'm not always right (still working on this one). So we, like many others, were ready to give up and have a couple of times, but luckily we always remembered the emotion that brought us together and we learned the most important part of making a relationship work, compromise.

 I would venture to say that most marriages that only had 10 days or less dating process do not last that long,not because they're not madly in love but the relationship part is so hard and anytime we compromise it feels like we're giving up who we are. I used to think that, but I can tell you I did give up a little of who I was to become who I am today and I like the current version a lot better.

 My love is just as strong, but our relationship is the strongest that it has ever been. Love is always easy and the good thing is that the relationship part gets easier once you learn to compromise.

 Te amó mi reina y espero pasar otro 18 años contigo.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

I work training adults in a basic course giving them an introduction to equipment, procedures, and hazards associated with running casing in the oil & gas industry and I certainly believe that not only does every child need a champion but the adult students do to.

If you are an educator or thinking about becoming one I think this video is well worth the 7 minutes.

How's the Mo?

Well I have been diligently trying to grow a Movember Mo that Mr. Magnum P.I. himself would be proud of to help raise awareness and funds for men's health awareness. Unfortunately, it's not growing as fast as I would like.

A couple of my friends and I took an update photo and our Mos were so lacking that one of them decided to dress it up a little.

Stuff like this is what keeps us motivated to keep up our efforts and make the best of the those OneMoments

So if you would like to help us out please visit our team page and donate what you can. Every little bit counts.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Mo Can Make A Difference

Throughout my life I have been the benefactor of having wonderful people who helped me through tough times. When I was younger I didn't even realize I was being helped because I was so blinded by self pity or anger. Now that I am older it's a little easier to recognize and appreciate the good deeds of others and it makes you want need to give back.

I am fortunate that I have a good job, roof over my families head, food on the table, and good health (knock on wood) but many are not that fortunate. I try to give throughout the year but, although my bills are paid, I do not have a lot of expendable income and that is why I really like participating in #Movember 

Movember is an organization that does an annual fund raiser to help provide funds to men's health programs for testicular and prostate cancer. This fundraiser get's male participants to grow moustaches (Mo) to garner community support. 

The cool thing about this is that, although I may not be able to contribute a lot of money, facial hair is free. Even though I look horrible without my goatee and with just a Mo I have a lot of fun and at the same time if I can raise just a little then it's been worth it. So I encourage anyone who is charitable and likes to have fun to participate either through actively signing up at and start growing your Mo, donating to my campaign, or joining my team #Movember isn't just for the Mobros ladies can sign up to be Mo-Sistas . So one Mo can make a difference.

More about Mo-Sistas:

Mo Sistas stand for change, same as Mo Bros. While not expected to grow a moustache, Mo Sistas can lead by example in other ways, includingREGISTERING on and actively enlisting the men in their lives to join Gen Mo and to become involved in their own HEALTH. To find out more about how Mo Sistas can get involved, click the images above.
Here's my ugly mug good thing I am with my son so he can take some of the attention away.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pup Grows A Mo! Movember.

If this pup can grow a Mo so can you. Movember is quickly arriving and as usual all kinds of people are rising up to meet the challenge to help grow men's health awareness by participating in Movember. 

So don't delay join the Movember movement and help change the face of men's health!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Movember 101

As Movember is quickly approaching I have started to prepare a little better this year. Last year I had an individual goal to raise $200 and I fell way short. This year I have decided to create my own team and have a lofty team goal of $2000.

Sometimes when I mention Movember and talk about men's health awareness I normally get a variety of responses. Some have never heard of it, others know about no shave November, and some have heard of Movember, but few know how to participate. So here's a little Movember 101 video to help understand and below is the link to join or contribute.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life is a lot of One Moments

Can you remember it? We all have them and it can be the best and the worst depending on the choice you make. Our lives are nothing but a multitude of them, moments.

Today, is my oldest daughters birthday and naturally I was reminiscing when I remembered the exact moment of her birth. In that One Moment I remember the intense emotions I felt joy, happiness, pride, love, etc. and for many years I have always thought that was the moment that changed the rest of my life, but I have been wrong.

To get to that moment in the hospital holding my newborn princess in my arms there were a million more moments that took place that got me there and it would have only taken one different decision to change everything. Looking back some of those decisions that got me here today were decisions that I questioned after I made them and, sometimes, had negative effects in the short-term. Some of those negative effects caused me to have regrets and now I regret those regrets :-) , it's funny how that works...

It's taken me a while but I've finally figured out that those little One Moments are everything, even the ones that may not bring us immediate joy may be the ones that bring us the longer lasting happiness. So enjoy each one, even the bad ones, and remember that whatever you choose does change the rest of your life.